Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Am A Copy Cat

I am a copy cat. Not the super annoying kind, repeating everything you say until you just want to scream. More like the subtle kind, where you don't even know you are being copied until you come into my house and there it is.

I have been going down to my sister's house a couple of Thursdays a month during the school year to babysit. And while the boys are napping, I read her magazines. Sunset, This Old House, Real Simple. I look forward to that moment of sitting down on the couch and reading about gardening or how to make an outdoor sink or finding a good recipe for soup, while the boys sleep and Nemo flops out on the floor. It's a moment of zen on a very crazy day!

So, when my kids are selling magazines for school, again, and I am tired of my boring old magazines, I kept thinking about how much I love my sister's magazines.

Thus, I now have my own copy of Sunset sitting in my living room. The hard thing is, I hadn't read my copy when I went down to her house and saw her copy sitting there. If I read hers, than mine is actually a waste of money! It was wicked hard to resist.

And somehow, not as satisfying! I don't like my copy version. Turns out, hers is better. Or maybe it's the fact that I've just spent the morning with two monkey nephews I adore, with more time chasing them after nap, and I like my routine of red couch, good magazine, quiet house.

We'll see after I get my first This Old House. If I'm going to do a copy right, I'm going all the way!

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  1. Ha! I have a new Real Simple and This Old House! I love TOH, even though I get stressed out we are not keeping our house 'vintage' enough by updating our windows. Very Stressful! I just ordered Cooking Light because I need new recipe ideas, so that will be a new one to read, unless you already get it. I agree, that moment when both boys are down and you know you have at least an hour and the house is quiet, oh man, it is my favorite part of the day!