Friday, November 14, 2008

What's In Your Pocket?

My pockets are usually clutter free. Sure, on occasion, I have been known to stick my drivers license or military id card in the back pocket of my jeans, forget about it, then tear the house apart looking for it while everyone is waiting in the car...but that hardly every happens anymore, since my husband bought me a wallet and encouraged me to use it through guilt.

And in my winter coat I'll have my gloves and possible a travel packet of Kleenex. Sometimes shopping lists and cough drop wrappers find their way to a comfortable place in my pockets to end their days....but generally speaking, my pockets are empty.

Before my son's shower last night, I watched him empty his pockets: his wallet, several pens, a giant calculator, empty wrappers, folded up was like watching a magician pull things out of a hat! He just kept pulling his hands out of his pockets with new items to pile on the table.

I can't say anything though. Since we got our puppy Sarah, I've taken to stashing treats in my pockets so I can reward her for good potty. I have to have quite a few though, so Emma can also have one. I've taken off my hoody sweatshirt and flung treats all over the kitchen. I've reached into a pocket of my walking jeans and found a crumbled mess.

But nothing beats putting on my good jacket at work, reaching into my pocket, and pulling out dog treats. Yep. I even take them to work with me. You never know when you'll find a dog who needs a treat!

Or it could just be I forgot to take them out.

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  1. Doggie treats huh? I thought maybe you pulled out the missing medical records key! I saw David's pile of pocket debris on Saturday morning and it looked like guy stuff, not little boy stuff anymore. Then when we went to buy pizza he reached in to his pocket and pulled out enough money to purchase those anchovies. I remember thinking "when did he start having money in his pocket?".