Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Four Bag Walk

Almost every morning, except Sunday's upon which I follow God's advice of it being a day of rest, I walk the Beagles. Or they walk me. However it's happening at that moment depends on how tired Emma is, how strong Sarah feels, and if they smell something that might be construed as food.

Or might not. They are Beagles after all, and are not picky about what defines 'food'.

I always grab some plastic bags for picking up dog business. It's so not cool to leave that in someone else's yard when I don't even want it in my yard. If I run out of bags, I have been known to walk back to the scene of the crime with a bag and pick it up.

I try to always have too many bags! In general, I take three. This morning I grabbed four and thought, that will be too many. Sadly it was not.

Sadly, what the bags are for is a nasty stomach turning business. I think I might be more acquainted with Emma and Sarah's poop than I was with my own babies. But it's got to be done.

And I'm all for saving a few cents and going with a cheap box of bags. Once I tried to be even more frugal and use old grocery bags....but they are too big. Four of those suckers stuck in my pocket make for a weird bulge or two. I currently have a never ending box of bags I hate, loathe and despise.

They are white. And what happens to white things when they get, let's say, wet? Yep. See through.

So not only am I carrying several bags of dog crap, I am carrying several see through bags of dog crap.

I will never stray from my black bags again. Never. Saving a little bit of money is not worth the horror of these white bags.

The never ending supply of white bags. So, on that side of things, having a four bag walk is a very good thing! Got to use those suckers up.

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