Friday, June 12, 2009

When I'm An Old Lady

I will wear capris with embroidered sea shells or flip flops on them.

I will have numerous pairs of elastic waist "lounge" pants with matching tunic shirts.

I will get a big sun hat, the kind that ties under my chin, and I will wear it for gardening, for walking, for going to Seaside.

I will not cut my hair short, instead I will keep it long, and usually braided and when my arthritis is too bad and my darling hubby can't comb out my hair, I will ask my daughter to come over once a week to help me with it. This is her only warning of what is to come.

But if I ever start feeding birds, a creature as previously mentioned I can not stand, but if I do feed them, and start calling my kids to say I just saw a yellow feathered, purple spotted, ten toed tweet-tweet (pretend this is a real bird and that I'm actually looking at a book of birds so I know which one to tell the kids I saw), it's time for an intervention.

1 comment:

  1. It's past time for an intervention. I will give you the hair thing, a little concerned about the capris though and the hat for Seaside. You can't go from skirts and tattoos to embellished capris and hats with bows. :)