Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Was Wrong

I really hate to be wrong. Honestly, who likes it? But on Tuesday night, just a smidge after 7 PM, I was proven wrong.

And I have never been so happy to be wrong!

For the last fourteen years, starting with my own firstborn, I have guessed right as to the gender of a baby. Sometimes I have been swimming against the tide in my assertions, but in the end I've been right, so there all you wrong guessers!

I base my guess on a feeling I get when I think of the Mom to be, or sometimes I dream of the baby and I just know. There's no scientific, old waves tale, ring swaying tricks I use. Just one day it comes to me and that's all she wrote.

This year, I've had two pregnant sisters, at the same time. I announced very early on that I was keeping my guess to myself. The pressure was too much! But I told my husband I thought A was having a girl and L was going to have a boy. Since they both decided not to find out the gender, we have had a long couple of months!

I wavered about a month ago, with my girl guess. I dreamed of A having a big healthy girl and we were all like, awwww, then out pops a boy and the doctor said, 'where did he come from?'....but I didn't second guess myself and stuck with my original guess.

So on Tuesday night, when A and B welcomed a little boy into their family, I was never so glad to be wrong! He is so cute and awesome and wonderfully his own person and he completes their family perfectly.......I once again fell helpless in love with another nephew.

And L accidentally found out at a recent ultrasound....she is having a boy! So, wrong on one, right on the other. It's all good!

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