Friday, June 5, 2009

Lunch Surprise

I was listening to my kids tell their friends about horrible moments of discovery with school lunches involving chicken and the questionableness of some of it's pieces (my son said he used to love school chicken until he got a huge bite of tendon and that was the end of that love affair), and I said they should let me pack their lunches everyday. There would be no surprises then.

Ha, they exclaimed!

How about when it comes down to the butt of the bread and I turn it over, crust side up, smear it with PB&J, and sandwich it together so no one can see it is the butt. They are like, yummy sandwich until the first bite. Then it's what the heck is wrong with this sandwich? It's the butt!

And their friends were in agreement with them. That is like the most cruel and unusual thing to do to a kids lunch.

Huh. I didn't tell them their first clue should be if all the crusts are trimmed off the sides of the sandwich. That's me, feeling a smidge guilty since I know how much they hate crusts and I've just given them a sandwich that guarantees crust in every bite.

I noticed today, they still went with the hot lunch. They'd rather risk a unchewable piece of chicken than get a bread butt.

They must have noticed the loaf of bread on the counter was almost gone. I think it's down to the last three pieces...and the butt would make four. Perfect!

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