Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I Hate Raspberry Jam

Actually, maybe I should call this 'why I love strawberry jam' because there seems to be only one reason I hate raspberry jam! It's the seeds. I hate those raspberry seeds! Sure the flavor of raspberry jam rocks, but the seeds that get stuck in your teeth make it too terrible to eat long term.

I prefer Smuckers seedless strawberry jam. Seedless strawberry jam? Yep. I also hate globs of fruit in my jam.....or plum skins in a homemade plum jelly that I remember as being the only time in my life (first grade to be exact) that I almost quit eating PB&J. I seem like a jelly kind of girl, but I hate the texture of jelly.

It's so jelly-like.

In an effort to be penny wise, I was shopping the sales at our local grocery store. I usually go to the commissary, but it was too far away, and I only needed fruit, milk, bread, and jam. I stood in front of the jam for five minutes, debating. Jelly is on sale, but gross. Strawberry jam was also on sale, but I could see globs of strawberries. Organic jam was on sale, but it only offered raspberry or blackberry.

I usually buy two kinds of jam: one for me and the kids (Smuckers all the way) and some kind of all fruit, no sugar stuff for my husband.

But buying two kinds of jam at a regular grocery store is expensive. So I grabbed one jar of organic raspberry, and everyone agreed it tasted good.

It did. I had toast with jam for breakfast.

And immediately regretted it when I felt a seed stuck in my molar. That is why I hate raspberry jam. It lingers on, even after you are done with it.

I can hear you all saying I should look for a seedless raspberry jam. Sure, I could. It's right there at the commissary. And now the truth is out. I just like strawberry better.

So suck on that all you raspberry jam lovers! Just so you know, you've got a raspberry seed stuck in your teeth....right there.....okay, you got it.

Kidding. You don't. You better find a mirror.

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  1. I hate strawberry. Can't stomach the stuff, think it is from Christy telling us stories of what went in the jam since she worked picking strawberries for a summer. Raspberry is my favorite, seeds and all!