Monday, June 22, 2009

To Grate Or Not To Grate

As much as I love tacos, and I do love tacos, I have always hated grating cheese. It's a time consuming chore and I am actually a lazy person. It always made the prospect of yummy tacos slightly less appealing because of the work.

When bags of shredded cheddar became so available, I stopped grating my own cheese. I can get a pound of shredded cheese for $2 at the commissary. You just can't beat that deal!

My cheap grater sat in the cupboard gathering dust and rust. I finally threw it out in one of my spring cleaning frenzies where I firmly ask myself if I have any intention of using an item. If the answer ranges from no way to a wavery maybe, said item gets donated to the thrift store. Or my own garage sale depending on what time of year it is.

Over the years it has occasionally come up that I don't have one. I haven't needed one really, so it's been no big deal.

Until recently, when the big brick of sharp white cheddar was in need of some grating, and the horror that resulted from not being able to do the grating was intensely shocking. But really, two thirteen year old boys aren't going to make me run out and buy a grater.

Then I was the person who needed to grate some cheese.

Guess what I now own once again? Yep. A cheese grater. Next spring I will try my darndest to remember occasionally, very, very rarely, sometimes I do actually want to grate some cheese. I'll try not to let myself get carried away and get rid of the thing again.

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