Monday, July 12, 2010

Jam Making 101

When my Mom suggested that we get together for some jam making, I was hesitant. Making jam seems like a really hard, complicated business. Not to mention hot and sticky....

But she picked me up and we went out to my Grandma's house to make jam.

I started mashing strawberries, and it was sticky business. Meanwhile, water was boiling and steam was filling the kitchen and it was hot.

It turns out, though, it's not so complicated and the feeling of pride and excitement I felt as I watched the hot jars fill with red liquid is indescribable. When I heard my jars ping, I was beyond excited!

I left Grandma's house so happy, so glad my Mom said let's make jam. Standing in Grandma's kitchen, listening to her and Mom talk about so many different things, watching them work together....I will treasure that memory always.

That night my jam was still liquid, and we did have quite a bit of vanilla ice cream leftover from a party......
The first jar never stood a chance!

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