Thursday, July 15, 2010

I May Have Just Eaten Raw Cookie Dough For Breakfast

I may have. It was an accident!

I had to make cookies that have to be at church this morning before 11. I want them to be cool enough to pack, so after sleeping in and exercising, I decided to bake before I ate a bowl of cereal.

I had to taste the chocolate chips. Several times. Once, because the bag was open and they needed a quality check. Twice, because the bag was a brand I don't usually buy and they needed a taste check.

Then I start dropping dough by spoonfuls, carefully scrapping the dough off the spoon with my finger. After a tray was scooped, I have to lick my fingers. Then I have to have a spoonful of dough. It's that darn yummy.

All thoughts of raw eggs and salmonella are gone from my head and I ate a second spoonful.

Then I washed my hands, and started a second tray of cookies. Thus, more finger licking and another spoonful.

I washed my hands again and poured myself a cup of coffee. I looked up at the cereal boxes and thought, I am too full.

I may have just had my breakfast. I had no idea I was one of those people!

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  1. But raw cookie dough is the best! I love it!