Saturday, December 25, 2010

How I Found Out What I Was Getting Before Christmas

I had a suspicion, since I'd asked for something for my birthday, then changed my mind. Then I said no, really, I'd like it for Christmas.

I saw one at the exchange and shortly after that my husband excused himself to buy something.

But the real reason I know is because, even after I gave my husband a wad of receipts he'd left on the table and said are there any in here that I shouldn't look at, he left a different wad on the table. And I, being me, wanted a clean table and do not believe stacking the things from the table on the stairs, or the desk or the book shelf is an acceptable way to clean, so I was making a pile of garbage, and one of recycling and the next thing I know I have receipts in my hand that belong in the Christmas envelope.

The ones on top are mine. I bought these things for the kids, I want to save the receipt just in case. But then the next one, I was like, what is that?

Who spent that much on one item? What is it? OMG.

My present.

So. Husband. I don't know if I'll post this, but I had to vent and I don't want to vent on you and ruin the surprise you are getting me.

It's a Wii.

And now, if I'm wrong, you've really pulled on over on me. I love you anyway.

UPDATE: It is a Wii!!!! And I love, love, love it! Surprise or no, it's just what I wanted. Thanks, babe!

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