Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Glad Christmas Is Only Once A Year

I'm glad Christmas is only once a year.

I'd get sick with the excitement and anticipation if it was more than once. About midway through December, I suddenly get hit with the joy that is Christmas. I am giddy with the thoughts of watching my loved ones open something I picked out just for them.

If Christmas was more than once, I'd take it for granted. I wouldn't sit and take a breath and enjoy the heck out of it. I wouldn't be overwhelmed with love as I sing my favorite Christmas hymns. I'd just sing it or bake it or wrap it cuz I had to; not because I want to.

I never want Christmas to be a chore! I want to celebrate each year with child like happiness that it is Christmas. Christmas! Even now, as I write about how gleeful this season makes me, I feel my excitement rise again. I have 360ish days to wait. I can't get carried away so soon!

And, Christmas seems to be the only time I find it morally acceptable to have a bowl of M&M's sitting out 24/7.

I'd never stick to my 'diet' if I had that candy bowl accessible year round.

Even now, I think a handful of M&M's will pair perfectly with my lukewarm coffee....


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