Monday, December 13, 2010

E. T. Is Not A Kid's Movie

Why does the world think it is?

I can not be the only kid who saw it and was freaked out of her mind. That movie was scary!

First off, E.T. is an ALIEN. He is super weird and creepy looking. He has a red glowing finger, he can make Elliot feel drunk at school, he has a weird whispery voice that only hillbilly serial killers should have, and he's kind of dying.

Second, he's lost. Come on! Wasn't that one of your childhood fears? To be lost and separated from your family?

Third, Elliot in his underwear and those government men in hazmat suits. Enough said on that whole creep fest.

I saw the movie in a theater, after walking through a dark alleyway with my Mom, Grandma and sisters. We were late, so we had to find seats in the dark, after the movie was started. And all I could think about was we had to walk back to our car through that same dark alley, only this time, I was scared E.T. was hiding in the shadows.

I saw it again at 14 and my feelings hadn't changed. It's a scary movie.

Also, since I'm contrary, the more everyone LOVES a movie, the less likely I am to also love it. Unless it's like Sleepless in Seattle or My Fair Lady or Annie. Come on, who doesn't love those movies? Those movies rock!

And what do those movies have in common? That's right! No creepy little alien dude waddling around crying for a phone call.

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  1. I hated it. When ET is hiding in the stuffed animals, so creepy! But I feel the same way about Wizard of Oz and Christmas Story - don't care for either of them even though they are huge favorites!