Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Keep A Pretty Clean House.....Just Don't Look Up

I keep my house pretty clean. I like to live in a swept, dusted, de-cluttered house. A place for everything and everything in it's place.

Just don't look up.

Because I am so focused on the things I see, I never think to look up, up, up to the ceiling and the corners of the high walls....where cobwebs love to lurk.

The house will be cobweb free, then bam! One day I happen to glance up I see it. A huge webby cluster in a corner. Then another in a different room and then a huge one that stretches from a corner to the ceiling fan in the master bedroom.

The worst part is, when I finally see them, I am never in the right place to grab the broom and knock 'em down.

So.....come on over and enjoy my clean house, with it's sparkling sinks and it's swept floors, but if you look up just know, there is a place for everything and even cobwebs have a place.

Until I have the broom handy.


  1. Ha! That's funny...when I did my last minute pick up right before my party Friday night I noticed a cobweb on the ceiling in the living room and I thought "I hope no one looks up!" :)

  2. You should have seen the cobweb on the lamp in the dining room. I only dusted b/c I wanted to hang up ornaments on the light! It was pretty gross!