Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Cereal Dust Blues

I love cold cereal. As previously mentioned, I also love hot cereal that has sat out until it is cold!

The only part of cereal I do not love is when the box is almost empty and you know you won't have enough for a full bowl, but worse, all the cereal crumbs have turned to dust and settled in the bottom of the box and are going to pour out into your innocently waiting bowl.

I've been known to combine the last bit of cereal from two completely different cereals into one bowl of breakfast, and call it good even if it wasn't delicious.

But I've also been known to look at the last bit left in the box and decide the dust to cereal ratio was too great and put it back on top of the fridge to await some unsuspecting family member or complete staleness....whichever comes first. Usually the staleness!

This morning I decided to risk the ratio and poured the very last cup of cereal into my bowl. It had less flakes than crumbs and after the milk poured in, it became clear (as mud) that I'd made a bad choice.

I needed a strainer of some sort to get the cereal out. A spoon just wasn't cutting it. I finally gave up and drank my cereal.

And as much as I love cereal, I do not like to drink it!

Tomorrow is a new day, and because I finished off the old box, tomorrow is a new box of cereal....Joy!!

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