Monday, March 21, 2011

For Someone Who Doesn't Like......

Ice-cream, I sure eat a lot of it!

As a kid I ate ice-cream and for the most part liked it. I have fond memories of Rotten Ralphs chocolate chip mint scooped mile high on my cone. But if it came down to ice-cream as a dessert treat or cake, cookies, pie or candy.....well, I'd pick anything over ice-cream.

That is, until I tried Tillamook Mudslide.

Tillamook is a creamery association that produces some of the best cheese, yogurt and ice-cream known to man, and it is practically in my back yard.

Well, if my back yard took 8 hours to get to!

Whenever we drive the Oregon coast, we stop at the factory for the free tour, the cheese samples, and of course, the ice-cream. It is a tradition that we hold dear. But I can also find Tillamook at one of my favorite places in the world: Seaside!

I only get Mudslide. It is chocolate ice-cream with huge chunks of melt in your mouth chocolate fudge and it is heavenly. It is chocolate to infinity! I love it.

I love it so much, I'll pick Mudslide as my dessert treat every night. I was so excited to learn Tillamook ice-cream was on sale at our local grocery store. I started dreaming about Mudslide and I finally hinted to my husband that I would be okay if we got some ice-cream (much to his joy and delight since he LOVES ice-cream).

But when we got to the store, there was just a big empty spot where Mudslide usually resides.

Apparently, everyone in town is a fan of Mudslide! And I don't blame them. It is the best of the best.

In case you are wondering, yes, we went home empty handed. If I can't have Mudslide, I'm not interested. No, my husband didn't cry over the lack of ice-cream. Much.

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  1. Sorry...I would ALWAYS pick ice cream for my dessert of choice: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Last night Lisa invited us over for ice cream and I ate TWO bowls of Tillamook Mudslide. It was incredible! Hence the second bowl. And I don't even love chocolate....