Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Life With Static

As a kid I thought static was awesome: the crackling, the shock, the spark! Rubbing a balloon on my hair not only made my hair stand up on end, it made the balloon stick to the wall. Sliding my socked feet on a carpet to create a buildup of static that I could zap on someone was grand. Static was an amazing scientific experiment.

Well, now, it's an experiment I hate with a passion! On dry winter days my hair flies every which way. My skirts cling to my slip and tights. My shocking moments are actually painful!

As I was pushing my hair out of my eyes, again, and it came tickling back, again,and I was seriously considering getting a clip out to permanently pull my bangs back, I started to smile instead. In my younger years, I would have found this to be a fantastic experience. It's like the idea of holding a microphone. Kid me wanted that microphone desperately to be in my hands. Adult me doesn't want a darn thing to do with the horrible thing!

The smiling didn't stop my irritation, though. Static gives my hair a license to be in my eyes....and yes, that is as painful as it sounds.

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