Saturday, March 5, 2011

A More Perfect Word

I have just spent a few hours typing up my handwritten journals from our 2007 and 2009 vacations. I'm a little behind! I always mean to get it typed up and put in our vacation scrapbook at the time I'm actually doing the scrapbook....but, well, I just don't get to it.

Besides being a bit worried about where my 2008 journal is, I was hit with a cold, hard fact.

That fact is I use the word "awesome" a lot. Like, more than a lot. Like, if I haven't written that something was "awesome" in my daily entry, then I wrote that it was indescribable.

I thought about changing the wording as I typed it, but it felt like censorship. I know, it's my own journal, and I can find another word that means the same thing, but I wrote those journals as we were on our trips. What I was feeling is how I wrote.

And frankly, it turns out that I think lots of things are just plain AWESOME!

From here on out, though, I vow to be aware of it. I don't use the word 'nice' because a teacher once said there are many other words to use. Don't settle for 'nice'. So I won't settle for awesome.

When I see something that takes my breath away, I will try out a new word. Like grand, impressive, magnificent, stunning, or wonderful.....

Those words are all fine and good, but awesome is just so awesomely awesome! It awesomely describes some thing's awesomeness. I'm pretty sure that when we travel, and I sit in the trailer late at night writing all my thoughts from our day, I will still use awesome. It's my go to perfect word.

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