Monday, February 28, 2011

When To Wear A Scarf

When to wear a scarf:
When you are driving your convertible with the top down on a Pacific Northwest February day,
Or standing around outside for an hour while your nephew plays in the snow.

When not to wear a scarf: walking! At least, that's how it is for me! I bundle up against the cold, but have a silent debate with myself whether to scarf or not to scarf. I'll look super cute with it on, but gosh darn my internal oven! I heat up so fast, the scarf is always overkill. Two blocks into my walk I know I'll be tossing my scarf aside and unzipping my coat halfway.

Still. It is a lovely, lovely scarf made by my talented sister. I look at it longingly when I head out to walk.

Nope. There is a time and a place for my scarf. And walking is definitely when not to wear it!


  1. I am the opposite. I am wearing a scarf tied around my face like a crazy person on my morning walks. It is so cold my face numbs up and when I talk, I sound like I've been to the dentist! Scarves never come off!

  2. I agree with both of you...I find if I don't wear my scarf on a walk I freeze the entire time and wonder why I didn't wear it. But if I do, I have to yank it off halfway through the walk or be suffocated. Raise your hand if you're ready for spring! :)

  3. Just stopping my to say hi, love your blog!