Thursday, February 10, 2011

For The Love Of Dogs, Part Two!

The other morning,while I was doing my Wii fit, I thought I heard a dog make a throwing up noise. I left my exercise, mid step, and rushed into my room where all three dogs were in my bed, under the covers.

I stood there listening for the noise again. The noise. All you dog owners know what I'm talking about. That heaving gurgle dogs give when they are going to toss their cookies. But our dogs were silent and still.

I must have imagined it.

Fast forward to bed time. My husband and I crawl into bed, tired, ready to snuggle up and talk about our days happenings, when I stretch my feet down to the end of the bed....and scream.

There is something cold and slimy in bed with us!

We threw back the covers and saw that one of the dogs had indeed tossed their cookies in our bed. We jump out of bed and stand there staring. OMG. Then we look at each other and start to laugh. It's a quick clean up, fresh sheets are found, my feet get a good washing, then it's back to bed where we laugh about it some more.

It's a good thing we love our dogs so much, otherwise that could have been a disastrous event.

Or it's a bad thing, a sure sign that we are in fact, two of the dog craziest people ever.

Six of one, half dozen of the other I always say!

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  1. Um, you are crazy. When I found a dog mess in my bed the dogs were permanently kicked out. I don't think Nemo could get into bed now if he wanted to!