Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roller Skating Down Memory Lane

For Christmas, I gave my husband two season passes to our local Roller Derby. We went to the first bout over the weekend and it was so much fun! The bleacher seats, where we are all packed in knees to backs, all 2400 of us, isn't fun, but everything else is.

Watching those ladies whirl around the track fills me with envy. No, I have no desire to be a derby girl (you get HURT when you do Roller Derby and I don't like to be hurt) but I was envious of the wind in their hair and the wheels on their feet.

I remember roller skating as a kid. I remember going to a rink with my sister, Mom, and my Aunt Susie when I was just a little and trying to get the hang of moving with skates. I remember being older and getting skates for Christmas (best gift ever) and taking lessons and spending hours racing around the rink with Michael Jackson's music blasting.

As an adult, I haven't skated. One time when the kids were little, I put on skates, had the rink lady tighten them up so I wasn't so likely to fall and I wobbled around the rink. I was so embarrassed! It's not like riding a bike, apparently, where you never forget the art of balancing and pedaling.

But watching Roller Derby made me want to try again. I want to tie on some skates (old school, four wheels kind) and try again.

I do have more cushioning on my tush now than I did then for when I fall!

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