Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Grandmas Rock

If you are lucky enough, and I have been very lucky, you grow up with a couple great Grandmas. Grandmas who shower you with love, make their house your haven, and appreciate all your long stories.

If you are lucky enough, and I am, you have fantastic memories of just hanging out at Grandma's house; of chocolate chip cookies baked just for you or watching All My Children and getting hooked on "the stories" or playing Clue with a plate of cookies carefully counted out to be fair or making candles and homemade snow globes.

If you are lucky enough, and I can't deny that I am, you will carry these memories into your adult life. You will think of your Grandmas as you bake chocolate cookies or when you catch up with Erica Kane or when you plan a craft for your nephews to do or when you roll the dice and still can't get into the room you want.

If you are lucky enough, and I am beyond lucky, you will treasure all the times you sat at the table and just visited. You will still be able to feel the grain of the table under your hands, you will smell the wonderful scent that is pure Grandma, you will feel the love that helped make you who you are today.

If you are lucky enough, and I am without a doubt, you will know that you can trace your love of dogs, crafts, and coffee to your Grandmas. You will know even if you hate blood sausage, can't solve a word jumble to save your life, and find Brigadoon to be the most boring movie ever, you are still an awful lot like your Grandmas, in all the ways that really count.


  1. I completely agree! Turning on soaps in the afternoon always makes me think of Grandma D. Chocolate chip cookies and Dolly Parton remind me of Grandma Mary. Starbursts - good or bad - remind me of Grandma B. Lovely post.

  2. I was lucky too in that area (not quite as lucky as you sounded, but still fortunate). However, being the Grandmother of 2 (mimi actually), I work hard at making those memories for my grands. Oh how I hope they feel the way you do about your Grandma's someday!!