Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick Days

There have been many days since I went back to work and my kids turned into functioning young adults that when they are staying home sick, I still go to work.

I know my son will sleep off and on all day in his bed, with his favorite sick day movies playing. My daughter will establish herself on the couch and watch marathons of Law & Order SVU in between cat naps. When I was a kid staying home sick I watched Perry Mason and The Rockford Files and any movie on that was black and white.

When I was a kid I had good old Lipton tea, sweetened with sugar and cooled with a splash of milk. My kids want chai tea with honey. They will want chicken noodle soup from a dry mix. They will ask for Snapple instead of my childhood wish of 7up. They will listlessly munch on cheese crackers instead of saltines.

There are so many things they want that are different than my own childhood wishes, but some things never change. Having your mom stay home when you are sick is sometimes the best medicine in the world.

And not just for the sick kid either. Sometimes, as the Mom, it makes you feel better to be here just in case your kid needs you.

That is why I am home today. Sure, my son is on the downhill slide into 16, and he is mostly sleeping upstairs, but I am here. Just in case he needs more Snapple or a cold rag or just about anything.

I don't know about him, but I feel better all ready.

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  1. Love that you were able to stay home with him. Hope he is better soon!