Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Died A Thousand Deaths Today

But you wouldn't have known it to see me. I smiled and talked and worked and did everything I was supposed to do....

All the while pretending I didn't have the worst, tweaked out bangs in the history of bangs.

I'll start at the beginning of my day with the snow.....actually.....I'll start at the beginning....conception and growth in my Mom's cozy womb. Somehow a cow got in with me and licked and licked and licked and that wasn't actually amniotic fluid I was born with. It was cow saliva. All that licking licked a lovely swirly into my still forming hair other words, I have a cowlick. Several actually. (Sorry Mom, but the truth had to be told!)

In technical terms, a cowlick is a section of hair that stands straight up or lies at an angle at odds with the style in which the rest of a person's hair is worn. And I have a dozy of one that makes one side of my bangs do strange, crazy, curly Q sort of things.

Fast forward to today, I walked to work because it had snowed and I just thought I'd rather not have more snow fall make me abandon my car at work and trudge home in heels. I wore tennis shoes and socks and enjoyed the brisk weather.

My cowlick did not enjoy the walk. It curled up as soon as I started and by the time I got to work the damage was immense. Now, if I just had a mini flat iron at work, I could have fixed the problem. Instead, I had to work 8 hours with what I knew were crazy bangs.

And speak at a meeting. With crazy bangs.

All the while, pretending that I meant my bangs to look like that. It don't bother me none. I LIKE to have crazy bangs.


I died a thousand silent deaths for 8 hours and as soon as I got home, I traded in the tights and heels for pirate pants and flip flops, and turned on my flat iron.

Ah. Bliss. The cowlick has been tamed for the next few hours!

Side note, that same cow found it's way into my womb while I was gestating my two kids.....and gave my darling babies cowlicks in the same place as mine. Cows. They do the funniest things.

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  1. Find a mini-flat iron and buy it! Also, love how you didn't have a flat iron until after Seaside one year. When I showed you how I used it (at least that is my memory). Sorry you lived through that, not as bad as a giant zit on your face but still embarrassing!!