Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've Fallen Off The Bread Wagon

Or maybe, more accurately, I've fallen onto the bread wagon and I do not want to get off!

I really do try to limit my bread intake, though. Counting carbs and all that. I don't buy rolls to have with dinner, I usually don't buy fancy bread that would be perfect all toasted and smothered in butter and I really only allow myself a real sandwich (with two slices of bread) on very rare occasions.

That being said, I had a coupon for Hawaiian rolls. I love these soft, slightly sweet, bites of heaven. The coupon was for buying two and saving $ the commissary that made one bag of rolls almost free. It's a win, win situation!

I froze one bag and served the other for dinner. I did really well, just had two, but since then bread is all I think about. I want a sandwich, I want toast, I want biscuits and scones and bagels......

I've resisted. Mostly. Had three biscuits at my Mom's house, but as previously mentioned, my Mom's biscuits are too die for! Today when I got home early, with my lunch salad not being very satisfying or filling, I was going to cut up an apple, eat a yogurt, but then I saw the Peanut Butter and it was on like Donkey Kong.

I was standing at the counter eating stale crackers smeared with PB.

In my defense for the crackers, we are out of bread!

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