Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fashion No-No

I have a very clear memory of being in kindergarten, and my Mom telling me pink and red do not go together, they clash, and I have lived my life by that rule.  It didn't hurt that I'm not actually a fan of pink, so the chances of me having a plethora of pink shirts or pants to wear with red shirts or pants was very slim....actually it is at a zero chance since I do not own pink or red pants of any kind.

But wouldn't a pair of red pedal pushers be the bomb?  I'll add it to my dream shopping list....

Last night as I was reading a book, my feet propped up and warm socks on my feet, I thought, "I love my new socks."

And then I thought, "If I'd looked at these socks 5 years ago I never would have got them.  Too ugly."

They are a mix of dark red and bright red, white and pink, stripes and polka dots, and it looks like two different socks collided in the sock factory and decided to just be one.  

I like them.  Am I turning into a crazy pattern sock lady?  Maybe.  But I should point out the bright red and the pink dots don't actually come into contact.  So I'm still living by that one fashion rule!

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