Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Insights In The New Year

Walking the dogs this morning, I saw two office chairs abandoned in a parking lot.  I wonder what shenanigans they were up to last night?

I saw a toothbrush in a driveway. I bet someone is sorely missing that right now.

I saw about 100 birds sitting on a string of telephone wires, the sidewalk below them a minefield of fresh droppings.  We didn't run, but we walked fast and escaped clean.

And then we were home, and coffee was waiting and a clean-ish house and a peaceful moment.

It's a good start to this New Year. 


  1. I bet they had fun on those office chairs! I wonder if it would have been lucky to have been pooped on by the birds? Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds lovely. :)

    I'm intrigued by those office chairs and that toothbrush. Whatever happened, I'll bet it's a good story!

    Happy New Year. ☺