Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Abyss

As I'm standing on the brink of 2014, my toes curling over the edge, heart pounding, stomach in nervous contortions, I'm not sure if I'm looking into a new adventure, a grand ride on the roller coaster of life, or if I'm about to step off into an abyss, doing a perfect swan dive as I clench my eyes tight and pray for a soft landing and no scary deep sea monsters at the bottom.....

The thoughts of a dark abyss turned my mind's attention to a known unfathomably chasm in my own house.  In previous years, my husband has had to do many plumbing projects in our bathroom.  It's gotten so that he's done so many, pulled the nails out of this little kick board so many times, that it no longer wants to stay connected to the wall.  

So every day, when I use the facilities, I am staring right into this horrible abyss.  It's full of thick cobwebs and I swear to goodness, something furry that I am loath to investigate.  I just push the scale up to the loose board and it sort of props itself up enough. 

I do not believe in making new years' resolutions.  I don't make bucket lists.  But the first thing on my 2014 to do list is to dig some nails out of the junk drawer and hammer this board back tight to the wall.

Or maybe first thing on my to do list should be to organize the junk drawer.  I can never find what I'm looking for when I finally wrench it open!


  1. Setting one small action step is sometimes the best resolution to make. Ever. Get 'er done, lady!

    1. Thanks! The bigger list of goals is sometimes overwhelming, but setting my sights on a smaller one puts everything back in perspective. And yes, I nailed it back up this morning!