Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Mother's Hearing

Today is Super Saturday.  That means it is the first Saturday of the month, and our local hardware store (over 100 years old) has a 20% off everything sale.  My husband and I had a list of things we needed and wanted (my list started with the free popcorn and moved on to the free cookies).

As I was munching my popcorn, standing in the kitchen housewares aisle, drooling over the brightly colored spatulas and flour sack dish towels, I heard it.

The sound of coughing.

Now, a regular Super Saturday finds the Hardware store jam packed, but today was also the Santa Parade and a celebration of our small town holiday season, so the store was filled to the brim with shoppers.  And colds abound in this winter season.

But I heard a cough in that sea of people and I knew who it was.  I left the aisle I was in and aisles away, found my son sweeping spilled popcorn.  He works at the hardware store and I try not to embarrassingly seek him out when I am there, but that cough...

He's good, just getting the cold everyone has and I waited till he stopped home for lunch to feel his forehead for fever.

It makes me wonder, though, this cough that will still wake me from a dead sleep, and even in a crowd of people I recognize it as his, in 30 years will my Mother's hearing still be as keen as it is now?

I can hope.

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  1. I'm willing to bet it will. :)

    Hope your son feels better soon.