Saturday, December 21, 2013

Paper Counting

Over the last few months, I have gathered paper at any garage sale I wandered through.  Various sizes of index cards, foam shapes, stickers.  If the price was right, I bought it.

I am the craft Aunt.  The one who would rather pull out glue and paper instead of playing a game.  I've crafted my way through all the nephews sleepovers and when I used to babysit regularly, after nap time was craft time.

So for Christmas last year, at my sister's advice, I gave them boxes of paper, glue, markers, and tape.  This year, I'm doing the same thing, times five.  I know I have 1,000 sheets of white paper.  So that is 200 in each box.

And yes.  I counted.

My daughter said that was silly, that their Moms would just dump it all in a box for sharing and it is not worth counting each page.  True, very true, but for that moment, on Christmas day, when they open their boxes, they will know it is even Steven, equal and fair, right down to how many stickers each boy gets.

Or rather, I will know it.  And that makes me very happy.


  1. That is an awesome idea! I love paper, plain paper of any color. I kind of hoard it actually! Craft box! Wonderful.

  2. You are insane! As I was throwing handfuls of candy into the boys' stockings, I said to B, you know my sister will always count each piece of candy! I love the gifts, they were perfect! I am thinking of putting their personal supplies in their rooms, but it may all end up in the big bin of paper!