Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sweater Envy

For two days in a row, I have been on the receiving end of some very serious sweater envy.  It feels really nice when something you are wearing (and love) is found to be as drool worthy as you thought it was!  

At the bank, the teller raved about my (very tasteful) snowflake Christmas sweater.  It looks so warm and perfect for the season!  Where did I get it, if I don't mind her asking?

I don't mind.  Value Village.  This past spring, I happened to hit a sweet sale: all sweaters 50% off.  I love cardigan sweaters and I love super sales and I found some wonderful deals, that I then had to wait six months to wear.  Snowflake sweaters don't wear well in spring time!

But when I pulled it out from the depths of my furiously jam packed closet this week, I started to second guess myself.  Snowflakes?  Really?  Seems almost too close to ugly sweater territory.  I tried it on and remembered why I bought it!  It's warm and cozy and cute and fits just right.

I don't mind sharing where I got my wonderful sweater....but it won't help the teller buy one.  At Value Village, clothes are usually one of a kind!

The next day I wore a sweater my sister loved.  Where did I get it, she asked.  Oh, um, remember the garage sale we were both just at?  And I went back later?  Um, there.  It was just waiting for me and my 25 cents to come along!

She may have scored two perfect pyrex dishes and lids, but I got a drool worthy sweater.  It seems pretty even!

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