Monday, January 13, 2014

Saved By A Cookie Clump

The open bag of frosted animal cookies yelled my name as I poured myself an afternoon cup of coffee.  There, in the office break room, among old Christmas candy and stale tortilla chips, a bag of pink and white perfection.

One little cookie with my coffee sounded good.  It is so small.  So tiny.  It wouldn't count for anything at all.

So I reached my hand in to pull one out, and encountered a large cookie clump.  Not a single single cookie, for my questing hand.  Just one ball of weirdness.

I had a fleeting wonder as to how or why they froze together like that.  Heat?  Moisture?  Age?

Whatever it was, it saved me.  I skipped the cookie and peeled an orange.  Not quite as perfectly paired as a cookie and coffee would have been, but it had the benefit of not being a clump of anything!

1 comment:

  1. OH! I so love those little pink and white frosted animals. I'm generally good at controlling the sweet tooth, but given a cup of coffee and a bag of those... I might even eat the clump. Might.