Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Night

Last night, when I could have been at home in pajamas, scaring myself with zombies, I was actually hanging out in Seattle with my husband.  Like a date, but one with slight restrictions: we don't know exactly when it will be over and we have to stay in a certain general area.

See, we've raised two music loving kids.  And they love going to concerts.  Back in their young childhood, it was The Dixie Chicks and Kenny Rogers, tagging along with us at fairs as we tapped our toes to our favorite songs.  Now days, they've broadened their taste in music and concerts are held at slightly creepy joints (at least they are as seen by Mom eyes) and always in Seattle.

So we drive them down, see them stand in line, and then we go have dinner and sometimes hear some music of our own or see a movie.  It's kind of fun, except it's a late night.  I don't mind a late night when I don't have to work the next day, but no such luck for this morning, when the alarm sounded and it felt like I'd only had a few hours of sleep.

It felt like that because I'd only had a few hours of sleep!

But all of the tired is worth it when we pick the kids up and they are full of stories and laughter and enjoyment.....we listen to them talk the whole drive home and it always makes us smile.  Around our yawns of course!

I didn't need to see zombies last night.  I did a very good impression of one today!


  1. So who did they see?? You guys are great parents!!

  2. It's the question of the hour—I'm curious, too!

  3. They saw Andrew Jackson Jihad, a folk punk band, and they also had a brush with a mosh pit. Loved the music, aren't fans of the moshing!

    1. But moshing is so much fun (she says having recently discovered it way too late in life for my liking!). You rock as parents, when I grow up I want to be like you ;-)