Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Late Night Brownies

My son likes to cook dinner and bake treats, but his planning leaves a lot to be desired.  He doesn't realize how long things will actually take and that's how we usually end up eating dinner at 8:30.

Tonight he announced that he would be baking brownies.  Yum!  We wholeheartedly agreed with this plan since we hadn't had brownies in ages and he makes the best ones.  But as time ticked by, and dinner was over and cleaned up and he was upstairs doing something that was not brownie related, I said to my husband I guess we won't be having a dessert treat.

He chuckled and said our son would come down at 9:30 tonight and start baking.

It was actually only 8 when he came down.  And now that they've cooled down, we've all enjoyed a late night brownie and a huge glass of milk.

Totally worth the wait!


  1. Oh yum and fro the sounds of it the break was totally intentional to allow you to savour the taste of the brownie so much more!!

  2. Sadness abounds! I have eliminated sugar from my diet, so brownies are off-limits. I will have to "settle" for popcorn. Enjoy your brownies, and thank yourself (and your hubby) that you raised a son who likes to bake...

    1. "settle"??? mark! popcorn is one of my favorite things!!

  3. All my boys know how to do is EAT the brownies!!

  4. The perfect late-night snack!

  5. Oooo brownies! How lovely! How perfect...hungry now, guessing I'll be baking chocolate chip cookies at 10pm! :)

  6. I guess the late time is a small price to pay for a book who cooks! And bakes brownies! Great guy!