Friday, November 9, 2012

Well, Darn.

This week I went back to my podiatrist, fully believing I'd hear good news, and would be released from the drag that is my walking boot cast.  I even packed my left shoe, so sure I'd be leaving the office with two shoes on.  I imagined stopping at my car to store the unneeded boot before returning to work with good ankles once again.

That was not quite how it went.

I kind of slipped again, and even with my boot on, I felt my ankle pull in a not nice way.  In my defense, that boot has zero gripping tread, so when it met a smooth surface, it skittered out from under me.  The ligaments are not tightening up and my foot is still swollen.  I have the measurements to prove it.

Well, darn.

Two more weeks in the boot, physical therapy twice a week, and then maybe I'll be back in matching shoes again.

I think the worst part is when I put the boot on this morning, it was a comforting welcome, usually reserved for a wonderful pair of fluffy socks or a perfect pair of comfy slippers.  I don't like how much my ankle liked getting back into the boot after a night of unrestrained rest!


  1. Here we have been experiencing sub-freezing weather and snow showers, which is not conducive to traction. I'm sorry you slipped again; here's hoping that two more weeks is adequate to get you back into "matching shoes!"

  2. I hope the two weeks goes by in a flash! Good luck with your next appointment!

  3. Your poor ankle! I hope this two weeks goes fast and without further incidents!! It is strange how we get used to supports / aids and how comforting they become!

  4. Ugh. Here's hoping two weeks more does the trick.

  5. my son has a boot after ankle surgery, and the worst thing about it, over time, was the smell! Hope you're free soon!