Friday, November 16, 2012

So I Changed My Clothes

Today I got up with determination.  I had things to do, places to go, appointments to keep.  I was first in line for the shower (shocking!) and enjoyed the heck out of the hot water.  I headed out to physical therapy and then to another doctor's appointment (things are all looking good) and then I did what I really wanted to: estate sales!

My sister joined me and we may have sat in the car at the first sale, scoping it out and watching how other people entered the sale, pretending that we were coffee-holics and had to drink as much as we could before we started 'picking'.  But we found some fun things (Star Wars Pez and vintage staplers) and it was worth the case of nerves we felt at the start of our shopping.

At our last sale, I saw three table top Christmas trees and I liked them.  I knew exactly what I'd do with them.  But at $2 each, I hesitated.  I asked if they would take $1 each, but it was no deal.  That's cool.  I didn't want to spend $6 on trees, so I left them behind, paid for my step stool and went home.

And of course, I could not stop thinking about those darn trees!  I thought about it, counted out my shopping money, thought about it some more, then changed my clothes, put on my red coat, and went back to the sale.  I drove past slowly, doing a sale drive by, and the trees were still there.  I parked, walked in, picked them up, and handed over $6.

The old lady, the same one who said no to making a deal with me, asked if I wanted to look around some more, the house had lots more things, as if I hadn't been trying to haggle with her just a little earlier.

Granted, I also changed clothes so I could stop by the office for a bit, but I knew when I picked out my outfit, I wanted to sneak through the sale without anyone recognizing me.  That's totally normal right?


  1. Absolutely normal - did you wear sunglasses and a mustache too? :)

  2. Love this! Sounds like something I might do. :)

  3. I am so tickled that I am not the only person interested in Christmas. It seems as though the politically correct thing to do, is yawn. I am still a little kid when it comes to Christmas.

  4. Seriously, did you wear sunglasses too?