Monday, October 7, 2013

I Can Explain This Mess

I have just made the shocking discovery that my car looks like a crazy person owns it.

Sometimes when you pass a car, and you glance in the windows and see that it is full of stuff, not boxes or bags like a move or a shopping trip, but mounds of clothes and household items and empty fast food bags, and you wonder what sort of person does that to a car, how can you drive with all that junk?

Well.  That's my car right now.

I'd taken it for granted that my tinted windows would hide my mess.....

They do not.

In my defense, I'm in the process of moving new inventory into my vintage booth, and I've just finished with a booth at a vintage market and those two things are colliding in the back seat of our family car and meals have been a rushed on the go staple.

But that side glance into a crazy person's car, and realizing it was mine has been a real eye opener.  I'm cleaning it out tonight!

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