Thursday, October 3, 2013

What She Learned

My daughter has become very busy this school year.  And since her car is not quite ready for prime time driving, our options are she drives our family vehicle to school and I take the old pick up OR I drive her to school and continue onto work.

Both options have draw backs.  I don't love driving the pick up; it literally has holes in it where I can look down and see pavement.  But I also don't love having to leave the house at 7:15 to get her there on time.  We do half and half and on the days I drive her to school, we are both trying to get ready in our bathroom at the same time.

Our wonderful 1905 house only has one bathroom, and it is a narrow weird one at that....but hey, we've got indoor plumbing so I'm not gong to complain!  When my daughter and I need to get ready at the same time, it's a synchronized dance around the bathroom sink and mirrors, taking turns with the flat iron, brushing teeth, doing make up, and talking.

This, I said to my daughter as I scrunched up my curls with my hand, this is how I did my hair back in the 90's.  I'd let my hair dry to just barely damp, then soak it with spray gel, then scrunch and scrunch the curls as I finished drying them on low.  Then for the final piece of early 90's hair magic, I'd curl my bangs in two directions.  One half curled down over my forehead, but the other curled up and bigger over my head, all said as I mimed the whole process.

My daughter just stared at me.  That, she said, couldn't have been a good look for anyone.  And has your hair always been that curly?

I looked in the mirror and realized I'd scrunched all the curls into super curls.  I grinned at her.  That is the power of scrunching, never underestimate what it can do for your hair!

If only I'd had some spray gel!

This post inspired by prompt #5 at  Mama's Losin' It!


  1. She was right! It wasn't a good look for anyone! I have a picture of me with my bangs permed.....

  2. Oh, the scrunching! I remember it well. I still instinctively scrunch my hair when it's wet. I never could do the bangs, though. Thank heavens for small mercies. Your daughter should bite her tongue, though. All these things come back around. She may be teasing her bangs before she knows it!

  3. You are funny. I do remember the amazing bangs and scrunched hair!

  4. and looking at your yearbook, most girls' hair were bigger than the photos!