Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Woes Of Purse Gum

I've given up chewing gum.

Not for health reasons or for jaw pain or fear of pulling out fillings.  No, I'm done with gum because I spilled my last pack in my purse, and pieces floated around in a sea of debris, and many pieces unwrapped.  Those unwrapped pieces sank to the bottom and wriggled their way into cracks and turned into a giant gummy mess.

A gummy mess in a purse is not as fun as it sounds.

I dumped everything out, tossed stuck together receipts and washed $3.79 in change to make it less nasty to hand over at garage sales and made the firm resolution: I will not carry gum in my purse.

Unless I spend that $3.79 on one of those plastic jumbo cases of gum, with a snapping closed flip top.

Now that's an idea with merit!


  1. I hate it when that happens! It can be just as bad though when the package stays closed. It sinks the the bottom and gets all squished and battered underneath things and, when you decide to have a piece, it's just nasty. I rarely buy gum no matter how much my kids like it.

  2. Purse gum is the worst. Even if they don't come completely unwrapped, the stray pieces pick up hair and gravel (?!) and stuff and then one day you're all "Ooh! Bonus gum!" and pop it in your mouth and no. Just no. I do adore the plastic tubs of gum, though. That is absolutely an idea with merit.

  3. I remember growing up and Mom always carried Juicy Fruit in her purse - and everything smelled like that. To this day, the smell of Pursey Fruit gags me!