Monday, October 14, 2013

Puzzle Party

In our many garage sale adventures this last summer, I bought a puzzle.  I was taking a big chance on it, as it was open, and old, and it promised more than 500 not inter-locking pieces, but I bought it anyway.  How could I pass up a "historic puzzle" of the front page of The New York Times from December 11, 1936 when Edward VIII renounced the throne?

That's right!  I couldn't!

But then it sat in my dining room for weeks because I'm not actually a huge puzzle person.  I bought it to resell in my shop, but I can't do that unless I know there aren't any missing pieces.  

Yesterday at church my sister asked if I wanted to go to some estate sales.  Yes, I did, but I was so tired, the drive to them seemed super exhausting.  Instead, I saw my puzzle and suggested that my puzzle loving sister come over and we'd put it together.  

She brought her puzzle board, just in case we didn't finish in time, I could move it off the dining room table.

When we opened the box, I thought this was a mistake.  It was a front page of a newspaper, for crying out loud!  Tiny font, tiny pieces, and many fake edge pieces.....  But we invited our mom over and we all started working.  My daughter put on an old movie and did her homework with us and we laughed and talked and teased my son that he should stay and join us.

And then we were in the home stretch.  We had about 20 pieces left, but we'd been working on it for hours. Mom had to go home.  My sister did too, but she's a crazy awesome puzzle person, and those last pieces were going in on her watch.  My daughter came over and the three of us had a moment or two of worry that we were missing a piece, and then suddenly we had three pieces left and three spots and we each put one in until it was a finished puzzle and we whopped and hollered and clapped!

Puzzle parties: that's where the fun is at!

And yes, it's the next day, and the puzzle is still out and put together.  I'm going to enjoy looking at it just a little bit more!

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  1. That sounds fun. Finn is our puzzle guy at our house. He loves to do puzzles all the time!