Friday, October 11, 2013


I can not remember a time I did not doodle....when the edges of my notebook pages and borders of bulletins weren't a mass of swirling, twirling lines, when a curve turns into a mouth and two dots makes eyes and coils of hair twine down to join frogs on lily pads and beagles with floppy ears....

While I took notes at school, marching between the lines of writing were all manner of geometric shapes and girls with updo's and shaggy haired dogs.

Even now, give me a pen and paper and a boring moment of forced stillness and my paper is doodle-de-wonderful.  I sit at work, caught up, waiting for the phone to ring and fill my scratch paper with doodles, over which I cross-hatch until there is nothing left to identify it as a drawing.

After all, I'm grown up, a professional.  I can't have notes I pass to the doctors be filled with knights and dragons and maidens picking wildflowers and borders of hearts and butterflies.....

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  1. Oh, I identify with this! Swirls, flowers, spirals, all eventually cross-hatched! We must have attended the same doodle academy!