Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Way I Like Them

If my Grandma's cookie jar isn't full when we come to visit, she pulls out her frozen cookie stash and serves us ice cold cookies.  I've never really understood the concept of having extra cookies to freeze until now.  I'm still learning how to shop for a party of teenage girls vs the way I shopped for a party of teenage boys!

Weeks ago, I had a plethora of  extra cookies.  I filled the cookie jar and still had so many cookies.  I decided to freeze them, an experiment, to see if they were still okay after a freeze.  My other option was to let them sit on the counter and get old and stale and finally go to the great garbage can in the sky.

Throwing out perfectly good cookies seems like a sin.

I froze 2 gallon bags filled with chocolate chip cookies and discovered something about myself.  I like frozen cookies.  I like to have a frozen cookie after dinner.  I like to have a frozen cookie with my coffee.  I like to have a frozen cookie pretty much any time of the day.

So when I had an abundance of cookies again, I put 8 in the cookie jar and froze the rest.  Both of my kids responded with, "What's with the frozen cookies?" and I smiled as I replied, "I like them that way."

In most things, I am ruled by my mother heart and set aside my own wants in order for my children to have theirs, which is how I've eaten too much tofu and watched too many scary videos, but in this one thing, I'm not budging!

I like my frozen cookies too much.


  1. Frozen cookies are one of those thrifty bits of childhood comfort. My mom used to spend her Saturdays baking cookies for us for the week and she would put some out and freeze the rest. Of course the frozen ones are the best!

  2. You know, I don't know if I've ever eaten a frozen cookie. I need to try one!