Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eating A Brownie For Breakfast

Last night my daughter made brownies for dessert. They are good, and I ate one after dinner.

This morning, I poured my cup of coffee and saw those brownies. You know what's great with coffee? A brownie!

I took a biggish middle piece (I hate edge pieces and holy smokes, don't get me started on how truly disgusting a corner piece is...unless it's a corner piece of cake covered in frosting.....) and took a bite as I walked to the computer to check emails.

And promptly inhaled a large crumb of brownie and started coughing and gasping and my eyes were watering and I was not having a good time. It was so bad my daughter asked if I was okay.

I'm fine, honey, just being punished for eating a brownie for breakfast!

Don't worry. I'm fine and after I stopped coughing, I finished my brownie. My coffee still felt like it needed a brownie companion!

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