Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cold Weather Wins

It is 50 degrees outside right now. And it's raining. Everything is wet and kind of cold.

I closed all the windows yesterday when it became clear that we were in for a cold, wet day. I put on my sweatshirt and long pants and socks. I weakened and said maybe would should turn the heat back on.

The kids gave me a pretty good imitation of myself, declaring our furnace off for the summer. Including the warning I gave to anyone who thought they might turn on the heat, just for their showers.....

So I wore winter pajamas to bed and was warm and toasty.

Until I got up this morning. BRRR!

I figured I'd warm up as I exercised. I did. I was hot and sweaty and considered, briefly, of turning on the fan. Thank goodness I did not. Because after a bit, I was back down to really, really, really cold.

And the thought of taking a shower in that walk in freezer we call a bathroom was so horrific, I caved. I turned on the furnace.

Cold weather, you win. I can only force myself to believe summer is here for so long, when I'm faced with the physical proof that it is not,

Goosebumps and chattering teeth = turning on the least long enough to take the edge off!

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  1. On Tuesday I told Randy when he called from Omaha that he would have to install our air conditioner when he got home on Wednesday. His mid-west family rolled on the floor laughing at wimpy Pacific Northwesterners. Needless to say he hasn't had to install the air conditioner and we actually considered turning on the furnace this morning. Where are those lazy, crazy days of summer?