Friday, July 1, 2011

The First Of July

Today was my first morning of summer vacation that I did not have to have my alarm go off before 6. With the dogs snuggled down all around me, I slept until 7. Then I stayed in bed until 7:30, because I enjoy that quiet peaceful moment first thing in the morning, when the house is silent and the dogs are curled under the covers and the kids are sound asleep and I know coffee is warm and waiting for me.

I got up, and the dogs started their crazy dancing and jumping and cavorting and when I looked out the window and saw sunshine, actual honest to God sunshine, I wanted to do the same crazy dancing and jumping and cavorting.

It's funny how the weather helps make my mood. Last night, with all the gray skies, rain clouds, and wet dampness, I felt sad. But this morning, this fresh, bright, blue sky peaking out around white clouds morning, I am renewed. I'm smiling and almost giddy with joy.

This first day of July is setting us up for our summer. Today I can look outside and see us eating dinner on our patio while the tiki torches burn and the dogs embarrass us by barking at every person who dares walk by our place. I see the promise of real summer and it is good!

So good and so promising, I ditched the cold cereal and celebrated this sunshine with buttered toast. Sometimes you've just got to celebrate the small things with other small joys.

Happy First of July!

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