Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Summer Of Sunburns

I spoke too soon when I called this the summer of winter.

This is the summer of sunburns.

This is the summer were we rush outdoors at the first hint of sun and warmth and frolic and play and don't even think about sunscreen. Sunscreen? What's that?

As we bask in the sunlight, we are giddy with joy. This hot day is super fantastic.

And then the next day rolls around, cold and wet and damp, and we all sport various shades of red, in interesting patterns.

Mine came from riding around in my little red convertible, not really thinking twice about sunburns. I'm driving, for gosh sakes. I will sing the praises of a convertible, though, both arms are red, not just the one hanging out the window. No drivers burn for me!

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