Monday, August 1, 2011

This Years Bumper Crop

Every year, I have one glorious over abundance of something in my garden. One year it was lettuce. One year it was peas. I'm sure the kids rejoice that it has never been zucchini (try as I might to get it to be).

This year it is a plant that I have had for years, that has always giving me one serving, one year not even, and for it to decide this year, my year of lazy gardening, that this is the year to grow tall and strong and giant, well, golly! That's totally cool with me.

Rhubarb, it's whats for dinner.

Kidding! It's what's for dessert! I love me some rhubarb cobbler. Or pie. Or coffee cake. I love rhubarb.

I still remember my first taste of rhubarb pie, how the tart sweetness burst on my tongue and I wanted more, lots more. When my Grandma offered me part of her rhubarb plant, I was thrilled. I'd been going out to her place to harvest rhubarb every year, so having some of my own was awesome.

But it didn't like where I planted it. I moved it and it liked the new spot better, enough so that I felt it wouldn't die out on me. This year, Grandma asked me to come out and dig up her entire rhubarb plant. She was just cutting it and freezing it for me anyway, I might as well own it and the work. Gladly!

I split it with my sister, then haphazardly planted it, because seriously, this wet summer has lead to my laziest garden experience. Maybe it was all the rain. Maybe it was the immense weeds that crowded around it, but whatever the reason, this year we've had three rhubarb cobblers and I foresee more in our future!

Rhubarb isn't to every one's taste, but it is to mine. And thankfully, the rest of my family. Otherwise, I'd be eating rhubarb cobbler all by myself, and as delightful as that sounds, I don't need to eat all that alone. Want to, sure, but that's a whole different story!

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