Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16 Years Ago Today

There are pivotal moments in life that shape you into the person you become....

August 16, 1995 at 8:31 AM was one of those moments for me.

That was the moment our son was born, the moment sealed in my memory with joy and disbelief....I couldn't believe that he was really here, that he was really a boy, that he was so freaking beautiful....I remember saying, "Oh my goodness," as the doctor held him up for me to see, positive that couldn't have been all there was to becoming two instead of one.

And to the girl who prided herself in not crying at sad movies and remaining stoic in trying times, the first sight of my baby surprised me with tears. I was overwhelmed with this intense feeling of love and pride and amazement and worry and disbelief and it turns out, much of that feeling can be summed up in one concept: motherhood. And the only outlet for this surge of emotion was through tears.

The first born child is so very lucky, so says a first born child myself (sorry, second born beloved daughter), but it's true. He was the focus of all our attention. People would ask me if he was a good baby, and I would say yes, of course he is....then when his baby sister came along I learned he wasn't actually an easy baby. But he was our baby, and he was perfect!

Kind of still is!

August 16, 1995, at 8:31 AM, 16 years ago today.

It's gone by with the blink of an eye. Now when I see my son standing taller than me, I can't help but remember his tiny fingers and toes, his out of proportion with his body chubby checks, his swirly, curly cowlick in the center of his forehead....He may have grown and changed in looks, but when I look at him, I still see my baby. It's weird to think they let babies get drivers licenses.

Cuz that's what we are doing today.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, smart, funny, handsome Son. The moment I met you I knew I was going to love you for the rest of my life. Thank you for being you and making our lives so fantastically better!


  1. Beautiful...still wiping away tears.

  2. Interesting, I do agree that my first born's birth was awesome, but my second born's is my favorite. Must be a second born thing. Love this post, very sweet.