Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Ethics Of Borrowing Your Husband's Toothbrush

What is the moral correctness, the principles that govern my behavior in regards to using a toothbrush that doesn't belong to me? Especially if said owner of the toothbrush doesn't know I'm using it?

Turns out, I've got some loosey goosey ethics in this regard!

When we were first married, even up to 15 years of marriage, I would never have borrowed his toothbrush. Never. Ever. But somewhere along the line, 18 years of them, to borrow the toothbrush of the guy I kiss all the time...well, it doesn't bother me.

Our children find this to be the worst thing I could do.

Let me back up by saying my toothbrush was discovered in a comprising position that ended its binding contract with me. I was toothbrushless as we were about to leave for camping. And my husband had a brand new toothbrush.

So I used it once, thinking I'd get a toothbrush somewhere along our journey.

But I didn't.

So I used it again.

And again. And when my daughter saw me, she was quick to tell her Dad what the haps were....and he was even quicker with a smile and a shrug. Then he took the toothbrush from me and brushed his own teeth.

Yes, our kids were moaning with disgust. Was I? Not so much. I still smile when I remember his grin when he looked at me, knowing as well as I do that a shared toothbrush is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and having fresh breath is crucial!

Sadly, our 18 years have progressed to allow his principles of behavior to believe leaving the bathroom door open while he uses the facilities is A-OK. I'm not so sure I agree with his door logic on this one.

Who knows? Talk to me in another 18 years and my philosophy of what is right and wrong in regards to bathroom doors might have changed......but I highly doubt it!

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