Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Time To Clean Out The Fridge When....

I know it's time to clean out the fridge (past time actually) when I bend down, reach waaaaaay into the depths to find the last yogurt only to see sitting next to the lonely yogurt two packages of hot dogs I'd purchased for our camping trip, but couldn't find and assumed we'd eaten, so I had to add hot dogs to our 'what to buy for camping' list.

I know it's time to clean out the fridge (way beyond time actually) when I see some rubbermaid containers with white and green stuff inside and I know one container is holding lemon frosting leftover from a birthday cake two weeks ago, but the other one, the one with the most moldy green on it, I do not have a clue what that is and I'm not quite brave enough at this moment to pull it out to investigate.

I know it's time to clean out the fridge (and today I might just have the time actually) when nothing is where it should be and to find the jam that should be sitting in door shelving actually involves moving a bowl of salad, a ketchup bottle on it's side and a plastic wrapped nibble of white cheese (cheddar or Parmesan: won't know until I need it for cooking and then it will be the one I don't need).

I know it's time to clean out the fridge (the time is absolutely now actually) when I am embarrassed that anyone would see what kind of shambles the fridge is in, when I can't cram one more anything on the shelf, when I am fed up with the mess, when I'm excited by the idea of seeing clean shelves and organized condiments.

I know it's time when I have the time and I have some time today!


  1. Yikes cleaning my refrigerator wasn't on my pre-vacation to do I'm going to have to try to get that done too! It sounds an awful lot like your fridge.

  2. We had to keep cleaning ours out because it has been broken since May. We would defrost the freezer, clean out the food, and get another 2 weeks with it.